CARTA-Public Transport

1617 Wilcox Blvd.
Chattanooga, TN 37406

CARTA has public transport services to different areas of the city. CARTA has provided safe and reliable transportation service for more than 40 years, including transportation services for people with disabilities to specific locations. CARTA also started the parking system that includes three parking lots with access to the shuttle system and started the Electric Shuttle System. Soon CARTA in coordination with the city of Chattanooga will manage 30 bicycle rental stations in the urban area of the city.

Exact change in cash is required. Tickets over $ 20.00 are not accepted
Adults: $ 1.50
Seniors (over 65): $ 0.75
Disabled: $ 0.75
Students: $ 0.75
Children under 5 years free, accompanied by an adult with a paid ticket.
For special rates it is required to present a CARTA identification card.

Transit App:
CARTA has an application for smart phones that allows you to see all routes and transportation options available, including bus departure times. You can check immediately when the next bus is arriving and so plan your trip on a map and much more.