Latino Market Guidance



Can you enlarge and expand your customer base? Do you use best practices to reach the Latino Market? Let our bilingual and bicultural team help you to better reach your Latino audience. We will assess your marketing strategy which includes a review of marketing collateral, applicable business processes and produce a tailored strategic recommendation list.

Marketing strategies could reach more than 10,000 Latinos and include culturally specific messaging via social media, radio and print.


Jobs Board

Enhance your recruitment efforts! Make an intentional effort to build a diverse team and subscribe to the La Paz Chattanooga job board. Translation, advertising and social media add-ons are available. Subscribers will get a login and password so that you can enter and update your posts with no waiting time! Join now and enjoy a year-long benefit.

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Focus Groups

Discover first-hand how the local Latino Market perceives your products and services. La Paz Chattanooga is a trusted source throughout the Latino community which allows us to engage our residents in an honest dialogue. Using tried and true methods, we can provide a turn-key service or create a customized plan to meet your unique specifications. Let's work together to better inform your business!

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