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The date often spoken in Chattanooga is 1969. In this year, the journalist Walter Cronkite declared that Chattanooga was the dirtiest city in the USA. For any visit or resident of our city, it is difficult to believe that this statement was possible. Nowadays Chattanooga is mentioned in national magazines and reports as a place of great beauty and attraction. He has won national awards for his natural charms and enjoys international competitions such as Iron Man, Head of the Hooch, marathons, fishing competitions, cycling races and much more.

The transformation in Chattanooga has been studied by organizations such as the Brookings Institute, due to the example it presents for other small and medium-sized cities that are perhaps being discarded by journalists as Cronkite did then. Among the recent aspects that are studied in this city is the growth of the Innovation District, whose lighthouse is the Edney building. Chattanooga is being developed as a center of entrepreneurship in the southeast. This is not necessarily new, but has been part of the ethos of the city for more than a century and part of the history of renovation. A clear example is that, although the Coca Cola company was founded in Atlanta, the process of bottling the beverage that opened the opportunity for product expansion across the country was born here. It was the heirs of this company that one day decided to give a turn to the direction of the city and improve it for the good of all. Those of us who moved here years later can attest to the fact that their efforts were valuable.

Today, there are several organizations in Chattanooga encouraging, educating and even incentivizing entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Some of these companies will have the success that Coca Cola had in their day, and others will also be a source of pride and economic stability for families in our city.

La Paz Chattanooga in the Fall of 2018 collaborated with local organizations such as LAUNCH CHA, CO.LAB and CO.STARTERS to bring some of that motivation to future entrepreneurs in Chattanooga. These organizations are dedicated to supporting those who have or want to have a small business of their own. Based on a belief that a city where every individual who has the dream of being an entrepreneur can find resources and local support to achieve it, they offer classes, mentoring and connections.

If you are a present or future entrepreneur, this is an excellent city to launch your idea. Like any company, success is not certain, but there will be many who will surround you to help you achieve success. Chattanooga welcomes future and present entrepreneurs of all sizes.

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