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Yesterday I learned that, despite public and private assurances otherwise, the city of Chattanooga would not be making its own decisions for the reopening of restaurants. This has understandably caused a lot of confusion for a lot of people in our city.

First things first: Chattanooga will obey the law, and I will do everything possible to ensure its success. I want every restaurant to make payroll and I want to protect as many Chattanoogans as possible from contracting the coronavirus. I will be glad to cooperate with the Governor, Mayor Coppinger, and the Hamilton County Health Department for the good of everyone, as we share the common goal of keeping people safe and healthy.

We can and must restart our economy safely, keeping public health at the fore. That is what is best for Chattanoogans; it is also what is best for business. 


Ayer supe que, a pesar de las garantías públicas y privadas, en esta ocasión la ciudad de Chattanooga podrá tomar sus propias decisiones para la reapertura de los restaurantes. Es comprensible que haya causado mucha confusión para mucha gente en nuestra ciudad.

Lo primero es lo primero: Chattanooga obedecerá la ley y haré todo lo posible para asegurar su éxito. Quiero que todos los restaurantes hagan nóminas y quiero proteger a tantos residentes de Chattanooga como sea posible de contraer el coronavirus. Estaré dispuesto y con gusto de cooperar con el Gobernador, el alcalde Coppinger y el Departamento de Salud del Condado de Hamilton por el bien de todos, ya que compartimos el objetivo común de mantener a las personas seguras y saludables.

Podemos y debemos reiniciar nuestra economía de manera segura, manteniendo la salud pública en primer plano. Eso es lo mejor para los residentes de Chattanooga; también es lo mejor para los negocios. 


Clover COVID-19 Customer Engagement toolkit

These tools can help you keep your customers safe and retain contact with them, conduct business online, and respond quickly to evolving developments during this difficult period.


Chattanooga Marketing Clinic

Bi-weekly coworking sessions held for those looking to connect with the local community of entrepreneurs, learn more about growing your business, and collaborate on a particular issue that you or your organization is currently facing. Bring your own project or work with someone else. Our mentors will be there to help answer your questions.


Don't forget to visit the Business Hub at chabusiness.com for tons of info and resources.

Please continue to support our local businesses offering services To Go, Curbside and Delivery.


Por favor continuen apoyando a los negocios locales ofreciendo servicios Para Llevar, Entrega a su Vehículo y Entrega a Domicilio.


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